With the new Energy Reform, Gia in partnership with Kiewit is venturing into a new Energy market schema in Mexico

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The strategic GIA Kiewit alliance was born in the first quarter of 2015 with the objective of covering the Energy market, specialized in offering EPC type services.

We have entered into an alliance for us to be able to offer together services in Mexico in the:

Energy Industry, including:

  • Generation of Energy through Natural Gas (Single Cycles, Combined Cycles, Cogeneration). And also to energy generation by means of fuel oil (Plants with four-stroke engines).
  • Power Transmission (Transmission Lines, Distribution Lines, Substations, Exchangers).
  • Renewable energies in all their modalities.

Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industry:

  • Hydrocarbons conduction and transportation pipelines.
  • Pumping and Compression Stations.
  • Refineries.
  • Chemical Plants.
  • Oil Recovery / Extraction.